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Types of Floor

We provide specialized stripping & sealing as well as all restoration solutions for vinyl, timber, terrazzo, porous stone, concrete floors, marble, terracotta, slate, linoleum, and brick floors.

Strip And Seal Floors Advantages

The advantages of having the care, treatment and maintenance of these floors is to lengthen their life, maintain their appearance, and providing protection so duct, dirt and scuff marks continue to be on the surface area where they are more easily eliminated so the best option is strip and seal floors.

Do Not Neglect

Over time, with neglect or poor maintenance soiling builds up and hard floors can start to look unsightly. A thorough deep clean will remove the ingrained dirt and restore your floor, prolonging its lifespan and saving you the time, money and inconvenience of replacing a hard floor.

Ceramic tiles provide an extremely tough covering for your floor but it is important that they are cleaned with the correct products to prevent damage to the grouting and appearance.

After being installed

After being installed and cleaned, linoleum and vinyl flooring needs to be sealed to improve the appearance as well as helping to ensure longevity. Over time this seal will become worn, so to prevent damage occurring to the flooring, the seal should be stripped and reapplied on a periodic basis. We recommend that this service is carried out on annually to ensure the floor is fully protected at all times.

Strip and seal floors

What to expect:

  • A consultant will discuss your hard floor cleaning requirements and assess the condition of the flooring
  • The floor maintenance plan is tailored to your site’s requirements
  • If a strip and seal is required, our expert technicians will remove the existing seal, clean the surface beneath and reapply the new seal
  • For deep cleans, soiling and ingrained dirt is removed from your flooring surface using specialist equipment. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote.
Strip and seal floors
Strip and seal floors

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