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We provide specialised stripping & sealing as well as all restoration solutions for Slate tiles.

Save yourself time, effort and money and let our team of professionals bring your Slate back to its best possible condition.

We cover all Adelaide suburbs

EPICLEAN prides itself on providing Australia’s best slate stripping and sealing service. Our years of experience in the field of natural tile protection results in your slate looking its very best, protected against staining for the longest possible time. Slate tiles are usually quite porous and need a sealer to preserve their beauty and protect them against common staining and other damage that can be caused by your everyday spills. Sealed or not sealed, we will be able to help; our team of tile cleaning professionals will achieve the best possible results for your slate tiles

Specializing: in Stripping Slate and Natural Stone

Slate and Natural stone stripping is a specialized field, over time coating can deteriorate, it is common for a surface to have a 10 year old coating or longer on it.

If the slate has not been correctly maintained or has been regularly re coated every year without stripping back to the natural stone, it can have a thick plastic look or discolor (yellowing) become brittle, go milky, looking flaky, crack or go white in areas, looking dull, in these cases the topical coating needs to be removed back to the natural stone and re-seal again.


The thicker the coating, the harder it is to remove, however EPICLEAN have a range of chemical stripping processes that can be used, ensuring a professional result. Using machinery to chemical strip the old sealer, it is designed to remove all traces of the old coating/sealer, exposing the natural stone. The stripping process is a 4 part process making sure all of the old sealer/coating has been removed before the process of re-sealing.

Stripping involves applying the stripper to the slate, then using high powered scrubber to strip the sealer off the slate, this might take 2 or 3 stripping process to remove the old sealer, pick up the slurry from the floor, re- do the scrubbing using water and rinse with clean water and then remove with wet and dry vacuum.

We all think stone as hard; it is in fact different degrees of porous materials that will absorb all types of liquids, food, oil, grease and general dirt. This stains the slate/stone if left untreated and unprotected.


Sealing reduces the speed that your surface will absorb liquid, guards against staining and allows easier maintenance/cleaning of the surface.

There are two types of sealing, impregnating sealers that penetrate the porous stone and leave a natural look or a topical sealer that gives a wet look finish.