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Caravan Cleaning

Whether you are planning to head to or coming back from a lovely tour around the country or wants to sell your caravan, you may need to consider a caravan cleaning service by Epiclean which will boost the inside and outside look of your motor home. We can offer a full interior detailing service at your home for your convenience.

We specialize in providing a high quality, personalized service that is different to all other cleaning businesses. We change the concept of cleaning by involving ourselves. We have experienced, courteous, efficient and hard working team members of cleaners to provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction.


Caravan cleaning Adelaide
Caravan cleaning Adelaide

Check List

  • Degrease and remove all marks, moss, cobwebs and mildew
  • Degrease and clean walls and ceilings
  • Dry vacuum all upholstery and all carpets throughout
  • Steam clean to all upholstery, mattresses and carpets throughout
  • Leather cleaning to the chairs and couches (if any)
  • Upholstery and carpet protection to last clean for longer (optional)
  • Dust and polish all furniture throughout
  • Clean all cupboards and drawers inside/out
  • Clean kitchen work surfaces, hob, oven, fridge, cupboard fronts/interiors and floor
  • Clean and polish all mirrors throughout
  • Degrease, clean and sanitize shower, toilet and wash hand basin
  • Clean bathroom floor

It’s our guarantee that you feel transformation after schedule cleaning. Any suggestion or remarks will be proceed immediately to fulfill clients desires without waiting for schedule cleaning. Excellence is our goal and Satisfaction is our guarantee.

Caravan cleaning Adelaide
Caravan cleaning Adelaide

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